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Bostrad Supply Chain Nig is a leading and contemporary producer cum supplier of all types of rice. Bostrad Supply Chain Nig major primarily in collaborative milling of rice (the seed of the monoct plant Oryza Sativa) as well as direct supplying of the same worldwide. Our collaborative rice milling and direct supply operations transcend our rice mills in Vietnam and Thailand but also extends to our partners rice mills from various countries such as India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brazil, Uruguay, USA etc.

Bostrad Supply Chain Nig has recently incorporated the supplies of other commodities to her portfolio through her global agency network. This was done in order to cater for growing demands of edible and agro commodities by Bostrad Supply Chain Nig rice customers worldwide. Other edible and non edible commodities are supplied through Bostrad Supply Chain Nig sales offices and agents located in several countries.

The company employ its fundamental concept of supply chain management and commodity exchange programme to reach as many markets as possible with the primary aim of providing commodity solutions to every market's need.

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Vietnam Rice

White Rice (5%, 10%, 15% , 25% , 100% Broken), Long Grain Rice, Parboiled Rice, Jasmine Rice, Fragrant Rice, Japonica Rice, Glutinous, KDM Rice, ST Rice, Medium Grain, Short Grain Rice

Thai White Rice

White Rice (5%, 10%, 15% , 25% , 100% Broken), Parboiled Rice 5%, Parboiled Rice 100%, Long Grain, Short Grain Rice, Hom Mali / Jasmine Rice (GRADE A and A1 Super) Fragrant Rice, Glutinous Rice

Pakistan Rice

Super Kernel Basmati Rice, Long Grain IRRI 9 (White Rice, Parboiled Rice), Long Grain IRRI 6 ( White Rice, Parboiled Rice), Superior Basmati Rice, White Rice (5%, 10%, 15% , 25% , 100% Broken)

India Rice

1121 Basmati Sella Rice, Basmati Parboiled Golden Rice, White Rice (5%, 10%, 15% , 25% , 100% Broken), Steam Rice, Brown Rice, Non Basmati Rice (Long Grain, Medium Grain, Short Grain, White Rice, Brown Rice, Steam Rice, Organic Rice) etc

Parboiled Rice 100% Sortexed

5% Broken, 100% Broken (Popularly sold to West Africa, Middle East and North America)

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Our Major Product; RICE